Sunday, 13 January 2019

Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling After Shave Lotion

Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling After Shave Lotion

OVERVIEW NIVEA MEN Sensitive Cooling After Shave Lotion

It has 0% ALCOHOL* and hence there is NO BURNING on application. It soothes skin irritations and improves its condition over time. Additionally, it gives a gentle cooling sensation with a refreshing feel with every use.   WHAT DO YOU GET? The new Sensitive Cooling After Shave Lotion with 0% alcohol* cools down shaved skin without burning.

The formula with Chamomile and Seaweed extracts is non-greasy, non-sticky and fast absorbing.  Calms and soothes skin irritations after shaving. Instantly refreshes the skin leaving a comfortable cooling sensation. Alleviates skin redness and dryness. * 0% ALCOHOL implies no Ethylalcohol..

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  • Skin feels comfortably cooled.
  • Skin looks healthy and cared for.


  • Apply liberally on the shaved area.
  • For best results use the complete Sensitive Cool grooming range from NIVEA® MEN with 0% alcohol*.
* 0% ALCOHOL implies no Ethylalcohol

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