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 Pokemon D.W Android Game

The center games are delivered in ages, each with various Pokémon, storylines, and characters. Redo of the games are normally delivered around 10 years after the first forms for the most recent comfort at that point. While the fundamental arrangement comprises of RPGs created by Game Freak, many side project games dependent on the arrangement have been created by different organizations, including different classifications, for example, activity pretending, puzzle, battling, and advanced pet games. 

Pokémon is the world's biggest media franchise,with effective anime arrangement, motion pictures, and product, with turn off game Pokémon Go having crossed 1 billion portable game downloads worldwide.By November 24, 2017, in excess of 300 million Pokémon games had been sold worldwide on handheld and home consoles, across 76 titles, including turn offs.As of March 2020, the arrangement has sold more than 368 million units worldwide.This makes Pokémon the third top of the line computer game establishment, behind Nintendo's own Mario establishment and Tetris.

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